What is the age range for campers? 

Children between 6-10 years old may register for camp. 

Is my child a candidate for camp?

In order to have a successful camp, we require your child to have experience being independent with a single instructor during a 3-hour group class. Assistants and volunteers will be present at camp, however, they will not be serving as one-on-one aides for campers. If you still have questions if your child is eligible for camp, please ask your therapist and they can help you. 

Will there be treatment occurring during camp hours? 

Yes, however, camp will be held in a separate room and ongoing treatment will not be interrupted. 

Can my child attend camp if they are not a client at Pediatric Possibilities?

Absolutely! We are accepting non-clients to join us, as well as siblings and friend of our current clients to sign up for camp.  

Is the camp billable to insurance? 

No, camp is not billable to insurance. 

What if camp is scheduled during my regular therapy time?

Our front desk will work with you to reschedule your ongoing therapy appointment. 

When does registration end?

Registration ends Friday, May 31st. Don't miss out! 

Complete your Registration Form and submit via email to matthews@pediatricpossibilities.com, by mail, or in person. 

Want to fill out your Registration Form during your appointment?
​Ask our front desk staff and we will provide a copy! 

​2019 Summer Camp

Frequently Asked Questions