“Ms. Dawn, I like your living room! (Referring to the lobby)” – Age 4
“Ms. Dawn, Do you sleep here?” – Age 6
“This is Pediatric Possibilities paradise!” - Age 8
“It’s all possible because of Pediatric Possibilities!” –Age 9
Most of our children leave each week, thinking that Pediatric Possibilities is our home, and to us, it is. Pediatric Possibilities was founded to bring opportunities for growth, and to offer a safe place for play, imagination and development of each child, family and staff member. I believe that we all have potential and a purpose in life.  When I opened Pediatric Possibilities, I dedicated myself in finding individuals who have similar beliefs in life, and within the children we work with. I truly feel that Pediatric Possibilities has found a family of therapists who all have a desire to evolve and give back to the community. I strive to provide endless opportunities of growth for all the therapists, whether it be mentoring with myself or engaging with other professionals who have similar beliefs in education. As Pediatric Possibilities has grown over the years, I am positive that our team growth has carried through within our children; proving that every child has unlimited potential.  I hope that our “home” gives you a sense of hope, purpose and safety.

Pediatric Possibilities was founded by Dawn Rohlik, OTR/L in 2005 in Raleigh, NC. Pediatric Possibilities is a family-centered occupational therapy clinic providing relationship-based therapy. We adapt our services to match the skills and goals of each child and family in order to improve participation and performance across settings. You will find our innovative and experienced staff are dedicated to providing highly specialized treatment to make your child successful.

Dawn Rohlik, OTR/L

Message From Dawn

Pediatric Occupational Therapy is a health profession whose goal is to help support and promote development in children. Our therapists are driven to  assist children of all ages in engagement with their families and caregivers in daily routines. These routines consist of play, sleep, social participation, education, and daily activities. Pediatric Possibilities offers Pediatric Occupational Therapy focusing on sensory processing, social, motor and other developmental delays.

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