Clinic Policies

REVIEWED 8/21/2023

Dear Pediatric Possibilities Families,

With the change of the season and schools back in session, we start to see an increase in colds and other contagious illnesses.  Please see our sick and Covid-19 illness policies below.  

Covid-19 Sick Policy:

If your child has Covid-19 symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19:
Child can return to the clinic when ALL of the following are met:
·         fever free for 3 days (without  fever reducing medications)
·         at least 5 days from when the initial symptoms began
·         minimal respiratory symptoms
·         encouraged to wear a mask for at least 10 days since initial symptoms began

If a close caregiver/sibling in the household tests positive for Covid-19, closely monitor the child for any symptoms of illness.  The child can come to therapy as long as there are no signs of symptoms of illness and they are encouraged to wear a mask.

Clinic Sick Policy:

·         child should be fever free for 3 days (without fever reducing medications)
·         no vomiting/diarrhea for 24 hours
·         fever is a temperature over 100.4 degrees
·         child should not come to therapy if home from school due to an illness
·         child should not come to therapy if they have a highly transmissible illness, until their illness is no longer contagious – examples are: pink eye,                head lice, whooping cough, strep throat (can come once on antibiotics for 24 hours)​, hand foot mouth​, ringworm, pinworms, and chicken pox

Clinic Policies:

Pediatric Possibilities continues to be committed to the safety of our clients and staff.  We work to maintain a healthy environment by cleaning and disinfecting our therapy spaces frequently, especially frequently touched surfaces, and strictly adhering to our Covid-19 and Sick Policies. 

At this time, we are relaxing our Mask Policy.
1.  Masks will be optional in the clinic moving forward for clients, families, and staff.  
2.  We encourage you to wear a mask if you are recovering from an illness, if a family member is ill and/or there is an illness going around in your home.

If at any time you have questions about our policies or whether you should come to therapy, please reach out to the front office at (919) 844-1100


Dawn Rohlik and the Team at Pediatric Possibilities