Clinic Visits & Screening Questions

​​UPDATED 06/10/2021

Dear Pediatric Possibilities Families,

The safety of our clients and employees is our highest priority.  Pediatric Possibilities follows all CDC and NC DHHS guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting, and safety in preventing the spread of COVID-19.  

Below is our cleaning, disinfecting, and safety policy.  This policy may change based on updated guidance from the CDC and/or NC DHHS.

  • Although the CDC indicates that the chances of spreading COVID-19 through surface contact remains low, we will continue to prioritize cleaning and disinfecting.  All frequently touched surfaces are disinfected daily and therapy equipment and rooms are disinfected regularly using EPA approved disinfectant.  
  • We currently see some families via telehealth as needed. 
  • We will see multiple clients in a single treatment space, if all are wearing masks.  We continue to follow social distancing guidelines.  

In Clinic therapy:

The lobby is closed at this time. All clients will wait in their car for the therapist to come get them.

  • Caregiver will remain in the car and in the parking lot during therapy. 
  • If the caregiver needs to leave the parking lot, they must leave a cell phone number with the office in case of emergency. 
  • If a caregiver needs to come in the session, this will be considered during scheduling to ensure social distancing can still be honored. The caregiver will answer the same screening questions.

All employees and clients will answer the following screening questions prior to each session:

  • Does _____  have any of the following symptoms
    • cough?
    • Shortness of breath?
    • Runny nose?
    • new loss of taste or smell?
    • Sore throat?
    • nausea or other signs of stomach trouble?
  • Does _____  have any other signs of flu like symptoms or not feeling well?
  • Has _____ been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or anyone with suspected symptoms of COVID-19 since your last visit?
  • Is _____ awaiting COVID-19 test results or been tested for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
  • Can anyone in your household answer yes to any of these questions?
  • Has _____ had a fever in the past 72 hours?

If a client or an employee answers yes to any of the screening questions or has a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or more, the client and or employee will be asked to reach out to their primary care provider and the therapy session will be rescheduled to telehealth.

We will initiate temperature checks of clients and employees if necessary. Employees and clients will wash hands when entering and exiting the clinic.  Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the clinic to use when hand washing is not possible.  

All employees wear a mask while at the clinic.  We recommend each client wear a mask during their session.  However, due to the sensitivities of our clients, it is not mandatory.

All clients will remove shoes when they enter the clinic.  Employees will remove shoes in treatment spaces.  All employees will change/wash masks each day or change clothing in between each session if cleaning is required.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Dawn Rohlik and the Team at Pediatric Possibilities