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We have a large selection of parent resource books, articles and some dvds to check out.

Our selection has many topics, such as:

-Autism - Children's Books- Social Stories - Fragile X -  Nonverbal - Nutrition - Parenting -  Play -  Social-  Sensory-

Our Lending Library

Pediatric Possibilities believes that home follow through is one of the most important pieces in therapy. To assist families we have developed a lending library system.

  • Therapeutic Listening
  • Astronaut Training
  • Integrated Listening System
  • Numerous books/dvds/articles for parent resources
Parent Resource Library
Triple P: Positive Parenting Program

          Pediatric Possibilities is 1 of 35 providers in Raleigh.

          3 of our therapists are accredited Triple P providers.

What is Triple P?
The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is one of the world’s most effective parenting programs.

It gives parents the skills they need to raise confident, healthy children and teenagers, and to build stronger family relationships. It also helps parents manage misbehavior and prevent problems occurring in the first place.
With more than 30 years of ongoing research, Triple P has been scientifically trialed with thousands of families around the world and been found to work for most families in a wide variety of cultures, countries and individual situations. Triple P has helped an estimated four million children and their families in 25 countries around the world.

Pediatric  Possibilities will hold Triple P seminars at our clinic in Raleigh. If you ever have topic suggestions, we would love your input.Keep your eye out on Facebook and in the office for further details of scheduled events!

  • Autism Society of North Carolina
    • Annual Run/Walk Raleigh
    • Golf Tournament
    • Annual Conference
  • Camp Royall Scholarships
    • Cat Walk Fashion Show
    • Raleigh/Charlotte

Listed below are past and present initiatives we are involved in:

Pediatric Possibilities is a proud supporter of the following organizations. Please click on each logo below for further information.

Pediatric Possibilities is dedicated to staying involved within the Raleigh and Greater Charlotte community.  If you know of any opportunities  to increase Pediatric Possibilities  engagement in community outreach, raising awareness of therapy services, and/or increasing parent support within our community, please feel free to contact us.

  • Fragile X North Carolina
    • Bowl A Thon
    • Conferences
  • Triple P Provider
    • 1 of 35 providers in Raleigh
  • ARC of the Triangle events
  • Make - A- Wish Foundation